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Easy Setup

Easily customise your site to suit your start up, portfolio or product. Take advantage of our managed service and bring your product to life.

Cutting Edge Security

Designed with modern trends and advanced heuristics at the core, Our Security Policies will help your product stay online in a hostile marketplace.

Responsive 24/7 Support

Built using the latest web technologies our support ticket system allow for timely respones to your serve your need, rest assured Our Network Experts have you covered.

We Take Security Seriously

Our Enterprise Hosting Accounts offer free SSL Certs, 2Factor Authentication, full API controls, PIPEDA compliance, and the industry’s most stringent privacy standards.

  • HA Cluster with weekly backups

    Our High Availability Clusters ensure that your website is always Live! Our Servers are protected by Sophos Enterprise Solutions

  • User Centric Security Profiles

    Our Security Team takes advantage of common Heuristic patterns, allowing for a seamless security integration experience for users of all levels.

  • Clean reusable code

    All Managed Services are rountinely scanned for malware by our UTM and audited for exploitation techniques by our security staff

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Custom Starter Templates

In Both our managed WordPress themes and basic starter templates you can easily change/switch/swap every placeholder image within the Sketch file included, or directly edit the HTML template. You’ll have this template customised to suit your business in no time!

What's Sketch?
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Fully Customise your design with a Sketch 3 file

Change/swap/edit every aspect of your design before you hit development with Sketch files.

View available website templates
WordPress Specialists

WordPress changed the way dynamic websites work forever. This Innovative platform is no longer just for blogging, WordPress makes it possible to build 100% dynamic websites without the need for a 10 person staff. Our Experts will customize your chosen theme and create custom plugins to meet your requirements

Integration with Google Apps For Business or Education

Google Apps is all the rage right now from Single Sign On (SSO) to Embedding Google Drive and Docs dynamically to a website, All the way to integration with enterprise level Active Diretory. Let us show you how Goole Apps and Google Groups can give a boost to your current CMS

Our Most Popular Free Themes

Managed Hosting Packages


Perfect for small startups that have modest needs, and want managed solutions

$14.99/ month
  • Single Core 1GB Memory
  • 40 GB of space
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 5 Support tickets included
  • Fully Managed and Updated
  • Small social media package

Small Business

Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with up to 100,000 page views per month

$29/ month
  • Dual Core 2GB Memory
  • 50 GB of space
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 15 Support tickets included
  • Fully Managed and Updated
  • Medium social media package

Pro (Enterprise option)

Suitable for medium-sized businesses with up to 1,000,000 page views per month

$59/ month
  • Dual Core 4GB Memory
  • 100 GB space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 5 hours of free 24/7 live support
  • Fully Managed and Updated
  • Full social media package + Custom Theme + Extras

Unmanaged Monthly Droplets and Yearly VPS


$15/ month
  • Single Core 512MB Memory
  • Monthly Droplet
  • 10 GB of space
  • 1TB transfer
  • Help Forum Tickets
  • Support at $35/hour

Advanced (Enterprise option)

$389/ year
  • Dual Core 2GB Memory
  • Yearly VPS
  • 150 GB of space
  • 4TB transfer
  • Help Forum full access
  • Support at $15/hour
  • Free SSL Certificate

Pro (Enterprise option)

$699/ year
  • Dual Core 4GB Memory
  • Yearly VPS
  • 600 GB of space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Help Forum full access
  • Free support Tickets
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I Love the fact they include Security Audits for free"

    Peter, Product Designer.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    " by far is the best small business hosting provider in canada"

    Manoela Ilic, Founder @ StartUp Nation LLC.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "Their managed service saved me thousands of dollars in infrastructure and design... Thank You!"

    Blaz Robar, Pixel Guru

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